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· 6 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

Organizations today are focusing a lot on scalability and flexibility of their applications. Most of the age-old monolith applications are now being converted to more modern and agile microservices which reside in containers.

As more and more applications are containerized, orchestration tools like Kubernetes are at the helm. However, with every new resource addition, there's an overhead. And the one that we are going to focus on today is access management for Kubernetes.

· 5 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

The concept of safety and security have been prevalent from the early days of human existence. Back in the day, watch towers and sentries were a way for kings to keep a watch on their surroundings.

In the modern day setup, information security is a bigger challenge than physical security. Confidential & sensitive data runs into petabytes and it becomes all the more important to safeguard not only the data but the entire infrastructure.

· 5 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

Kubectl is one of the most widely used tools to work with Kubernetes. The command line tool allows you to deploy applications, inspect and manage resources. It basically authenticates with the control plane for your cluster and makes API calls to the Kubernetes API. In short if you are working with Kubernetes - you will use kubectl the most.

In most modern day scenarios, there are multiple users who are accessing various clusters. This makes it all more important to ensure that every user or group has access to only those resources that they are allowed to. Few ways to achieve this is using namespaces and role based access control. While these are good, most enterprise grade application deployments require something more robust.

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