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Paralus Is Now A CNCF Sandbox Project

· 3 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

June 28, 2022, was an extremely special day for all of us here at Paralus. It was the day when Paralus was born. The day when we presented Paralus to the world. A lot of tools exist today for managing Kubernetes access. From the default role-based access control mechanism to custom DIY solutions along with a few open-source projects. However, most of these tools aren't easy to configure especially when it comes to individual clusters.

That's where Paralus comes in, it helps everyone manage access to multiple clusters at scale. With its just-in-time service account creation and fine-grained user credential management, Paralus provides an adaptable system that guarantees secure access to resources when necessary. In addition to that, Paralus comes in with zero trust principles baked in, with support for multiple identity providers, custom roles, and much more. Read more about Paralus features.

Paralus joins CNCF

Paralus Joins CNCF

Today we are happy to announce that Paralus has officially joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a Sandbox project. This is a huge milestone for the entire team behind Paralus. By joining the CNCF, we've added more credibility to Paralus and hope to help more people adopt and contribute to Paralus.

The end result will be community-driven innovation and adoption of Paralus with an aim to simplify Kubernetes access management. Check out Paralus on the CNCF website and CNCF landscape.

What's Next For Paralus?

There have been a lot of changes in the repo over the last few months since Paralus joined the CNCF landscape. From changes on the website to GitHub repos, we've been working to ensure the smooth transition of Paralus to CNCF. While the journey until today was exciting, we cannot wait to see how our community can help us reach for the stars in the times to come. Among the other things planned, we:

  • will donate the project to CNCF by transferring code, artwork, and other related items to CNCF
  • will set up a bi-weekly community call (Meeting Link, Meeting Notes) with the maintainers of Paralus that will be open for everyone - to better understand the needs of the community.
  • will have an even more robust roadmap to letting everyone know where Paralus is headed
  • will move #paralus slack to Kubernetes Slack making it easier for the community to reach out to us
Paralus joins CNCF

Together We Can Grow!

We couldn't have asked for a better start to 2023 than this. We're a small team of maintainers and our project is easy to get involved with. And hence, we'd want you to join and contribute to Paralus. We'd love your involvement and support, here's what you can do:

Looking forward to you joining us and helping us adopt and take Paralus to the next level.


We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.