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Paralus Kubernetes Access Manager

Eliminate the burden of having to configure and manage Kubernetes Role Based Access Control cluster by cluster. Streamline and consolidate access control for your fleet of clusters spanning different operating environments, different clouds (EKS, AKS, etc.), and on-premises data centers operating behind firewalls. A single login gives authorized users (e.g., developers, operations, contractors, etc.) seamless and secure access to all clusters with a native and familiar kubectl experience.


Comply with security policies with completely private datapaths. Reduce complexity and eliminate the risk of security breaches and loss in productivity.


  • Centralize kubectl access to your entire fleet with automated RBAC
  • Stop rogue Kubernetes admins with user-level audit logs
  • Comply with internal security policies & industry regulations
  • Make your Security and DevSecOps teams happy
  • Make the CNCF World a better place through Open Source đź’–

Zero Trust​

Most of the global workforce today is working remotely. They access sensitive data using their devices from anywhere in the world. Hence, organizations need to implement a security framework that adapts to this. Comes in Zero Trust. A modern security framework that does away with implicit trust and provides fine grained control over your applications and infrastructure.

The concept of Zero Trust is governed by 3 principles:

  1. Explicit Verification: Always authenticate and authorize incoming requests based on data available.
  2. Least Privilege Access: Provide just enough access to a user
  3. Always Assume Breach: Assume that a breach has already happened and hence deny by default and authenticate all users, devices in the system.

As a developer, you should adopt Zero Trust principles to keep the users safe and applications secured on your Kubernetes clusters. Paralus is a handy tool for you to manage access to your Kubernetes clusters. It allows you to configure kubectl access for your teams at organization, project and namespace level. It works seamlessly with Kubernetes’s native RBAC support and integrates seamlessly with SSO. You can configure these settings using an intuitive UI or use our command line utility pctl.

Wondering where to start? Check out our Installation docs to get started in minutes.


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