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Paralus at KubeCon EU 2024

· 2 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

We recently had the incredible opportunity to showcase Paralus at KubeCon EU 2024, and let us tell you, it was an experience like no other. In just two years since the inception, Paralus has been part of the major KubeCons and has been garnering interest from individuals and organizations alike.

Paralus at KubeCon EU 2024

KubeCon as we all know is the biggest conference on Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. And team Paralus has been a part of KubeCons for quite some time now. We had a booth at the open source project pavilion during KubeCon NA 2023 in Chicago and this year too Paralus made an appearance in KubeCon EU - albeit in a different way.

The CNCF for the first time conducted a day full of CNCF project lightning talks where various CNCF projects got a chance to talk about them. It was a great opportunity for maintainers and project owners to talk about their projects with a larger audience at KubeCon.

Our maintainer and CNCF Ambassador, Atul showcased Paralus in the project lightning talks that took place on the first day of KubeCon. The talk was attended by quite a few people many of who reached out to the community to know more about Paralus. Watch the video below of the complete lightning talk.

Contribute To Paralus

We couldn't have asked for a better start to 2024 than this. We're a small team of maintainers and our project is easy to get involved with. And hence, we'd want you to join and contribute to Paralus. We'd love your involvement and support, here's what you can do:

Looking forward to you joining us and helping us adopt and take Paralus to the next level.


We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.