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Zero trust Kubernetes with zero friction

Paralus is a free, open source tool that enables controlled, audited access to Kubernetes infrastructure. It comes with just-in-time service account creation and user-level credential management that integrates with your RBAC and SSO. Ships as a GUI, API, and CLI.

One place to manage all Kubernetes access

Generate, maintain, and revoke access configurations across clusters, projects, namespaces, etc.

  • Keep your existing SSO or RBAC solution
  • Create permissions with sensible defaults and powerful customization
  • Manage resources from cluster-level to user-level
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Zero-trust security by default

Paralus applies zero-trust security principles to secure Kubernetes

  • Keep your existing kubectl scripts and workflows
  • Control access with pre-configured roles
  • Dynamically revoke or change permissions and their duration
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Batteries-included auditing tools

Automatic detailed logging of activities and resource access. Useful for both real-time and historical tracking

  • Quickly answer questions about who accessed what
  • View cluster-level history
  • Leverage Kubernetes-aware filtering by cluster, namespace, access method, etc.
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Access through the web or CLI

Paralus can be installed using Helm, and ships with a browser-based GUI as well as traditional command-line tooling

  • pctl tool to manage kubeconfigs directly from terminal
  • Well-documented REST API
  • A modern web interface
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Get started

Installing Paralus in your Kubernetes environment takes less than brewing a cup of coffee.


We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.