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We love Opensource!

Yes, because we feel that it’s the best way to build and improve a product. It allows people like you from across the globe to contribute and improve a product over time. And we’re super happy to see that you’d like to contribute to Paralus.

We are always on the lookout for anything that can improve the product. Be it feature requests, issues/bugs, code or content, we’d love to see what you’ve got to make this better. If you’ve got anything exciting and would love to contribute, this is the right place to begin your journey as a contributor to Paralus and the larger open source community.

How to get started?

The easiest way to start is to look at existing issues and see if there’s something there that you’d like to work on. You can filter issues with the label “Good first issue” which are relatively self sufficient issues and great for first time contributors.

Once you decide on an issue, please comment on it so that all of us know that you’re on it.

If you’re looking to add a new feature, raise a new issue and start a discussion with the community. Engage with the maintainers of the project and work your way through.

You can check out the respective repos for more details on how to contribute to it:


We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.