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Ā· 10 min read
Nirav Parikh

Modern IT infrastructures are becoming more dynamic and resilient with the passing years. Containers, for example, have revolutionized the way IT organizations develop, deploy and manage applications.

While container management and orchestration seem to be the way to go nowadays, one of the key pain points is once we have the clusters and applications deployed, how do we guard our ever-growing ecosystem internally and externally?

Securing Kubernetes and cluster access management is complicated, but following the zero trust principles, you can ensure that only verified and authorized requests can have access to the information. As part of creating awareness around securing Kubernetes with zero trust principles, I recently gave a talk around this topic at Kubernetes Community Days Bengaluru 2023 that you can also watch. This blog post is based on my talk. Here, we will cover various aspects related to zero trust security and access management with Kubernetes with a practical application.


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