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· 7 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

Kubernetes is the most widely used container orchestration tool. To make our applications scalable & flexible, it employs numerous components, layers & services. And with so many interfaces, we have a large attack area and thus security becomes a concern.

Makers and maintainers of Kubernetes realized that and focused on providing some sort of security mechanism to secure Kubernetes clusters. Today, Kubernetes provides essential security features like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) out of the box. In fact it took almost 3 years for the RBAC feature to be available after Kubernetes’ release.

· 6 min read
Atulpriya Sharma

In the last few years, organizations across the spectrum have seen changes in the way they work. Digital Transformation took the center stage and revamped the way employees worked. For many of us, our workplace was a 5x5 cubicle, but now it can be a beach, a hillock or even a treehouse. While that has brought joy for most of us, it was a nightmare for the CIOs and Infosec folks who were worried about the safety and security of their infrastructure.

With employees using their devices and network to connect to organization's infrastructure, there was a high risk involved. The existing security mechanisms that were in place were obsolete and there was a call for more robust security and access mechanisms.


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