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Miscellaneous Components

These are the miscellaneous components of Paralus that are required for proper functioning of Paralus. All of these components interact with Paralus to bring in additional functionality.

PostgreSQL DB

PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system. Paralus uses PostgreSQL as its core datastore that stores all Paralus configurations, settings and data. Paralus creates all the necessary tables during initialization. Kratos-automigrate also sets up all db objects that are required by kratos.

Elastic search is an open source distributed, search and analytics engine for various types of data. Paralus uses elastic search to store all the system and kubectl logs that are generate. These logs persist in the database even after the pod is killed or restarts.


Filebeat is a lightweight tool that collects all the logs from various components of Paralus. It is used to collect the logs from Paralus components and forwards it to to elasticsearch server.


Contour is an open source Kubernetes ingress controller that provides a control plane for the Envoy edge and service proxy. It is used as Nginx replacement as Paralus makes use of domain based routing.